Specialists in large sports stadiums and facilities.

Over recent years, Andled Energy has become one of the main European specialists in the realisation of large sports lighting projects.

Its projectors, designed and manufactured in-house, reach the levels of requirement and performance that are within the reach of very few companies. In addition to this technical excellence, an experienced team of engineers designs each project according to the type of installation and its needs.

Our experience in the sector now includes providing lighting for the stadiums of various first and second division football clubs, both in the Spanish League and the English Premier League.

The objective of the clubs has been updating their lighting systems to meet the strictest and most demanding requirements imposed by high-level competitions, especially sports broadcasting.

Andled Energy is one of few European companies which has equipped stadiums with lighting prepared for broadcasting in high definition and even in 4K, with more than 3000 lux of Mean Luminance.

The same experience and technical quality are applied equally in all the projects carried out by Andled Energy, regardless of the size and characteristics of the project: from a paddle tennis court or a sports centre, to golf courses. In each case the different needs and specific characteristics are analysed to offer the best solution to the client.

At Andled we are specialists in Tennis, being the official suppliers of the Andalusian Tennis Federation, adapting each court and each project to the Spanish National Sports Council’s classification criteria.

Lastly, we advise and collaborate with clubs and Federations, offering them financing formulas and leasing to undertake their projects as easily as possible and thus achieve a significant improvement with regards to lighting and some much more energy efficient and economic installations.


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