ANDLED ENERGY is a Spanish engineering company, specialized in efficient lighting projects using state-of-the-art LED technology.

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We are committed to our own integral manufacturing at  the facilities of our partner Loki in Porto, Portugal, to guarantee the quality of all our equipment and our ability to create customized solutions for our clients.

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In this way each of our projectors can be adapted in their components, configuration and performance to the requirements of each project, thus optimizing both the costs and the results obtained.

Andled - Innovación


The quality of our service is endorsed by the quadruple ISO approval in Quality Management Systems -9001-, Environmental Management Systems -14001- Energy Management System -50001- and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems -45001-.

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Light quality defines our work, adapting each project, equipment and installation to the client’s needs, both indoors and outdoors. Intensity, color temperature or chromaticity are some of the factors considered and that will later determine the development of any activity in that light.

Andled Energy


Energy efficiency is an essential requirement that conditions the design of each Andled project, always seeking the greatest possible economic savings for the client and the reduction in the carbon footprint that this efficiency allows.

Andled Energy


The exhaustive previous analysis of the space to be illuminated – its dimensions, the typology of existing materials and surfaces, the ambient lighting, work profiles, etc. – allows us to optimize the investment, increase its durability and reduce the installation time of the system.

Andled - Financing



Andled Energy offers its clients a financing plan for their lighting projects through technological renting, with short-term amortization terms, always prior to the guarantee of the installed equipment.

With a detailed prior technical study, the project presented includes the list of lighting and consumption optimization measures, as well as:

· The initial savings after undertaking the prescribed measures.

· The amortization period of said measures

· And the final savings expected after said amortization.

The investment made is financed with the energy savings of the first years, thus allowing the intact maintenance of its financial resources, debt capacity (CIRBE does not compute) and, consequently, its investment capacity. At the end of the operation, the customer is the sole owner of the installed equipment, in perfect working order, and without having made any financial effort for this purpose.

Under normal circumstances, the amortization period ends before the end of the guarantee of the installed equipment, which provides greater security to the customer and complete autonomy in future decisions on maintenance or renewal of equipment.




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