The Juegos del Mediterráneo stadium has benefited from a complete renovation of its installations, including the entire lighting system. The new system, designed and manufactured by Andled, is prepared for 4K quality television broadcasting, the most demanding at present, using 356 state-of-the-art projectors.
There are few clubs in the Spanish League that currently have the lighting installed in the Almeria stadium, including better colour reproduction both in the stadium and for television, preparing the UD Almeria team no longer for the First Division but for international and Champions League competitions. The project was carried out in record time, given the needs of the Club, with the challenge of changing an old generation lighting system to an LED system and increasing to 4K quality, for which it was necessary to install equipment in positions where it normally does not exist.
The more demanding the project, the more difficult it is to achieve the goal. Increasing to 4k makes the luminance levels very high, and multiple point-to-point tests must be carried out to perfect it. For the final calibration, the television broadcasting companies that covered the first matches were accompanied to make the final adjustments needed.
Photos: Andled, Juan Sánchez, Rafa Góngora