ANDLED ENERGY S.L. is a Spanish engineering company dedicated to the realisation of customised professional lighting solutions by means of LED technology for all types of facilities, and especially in high power.
Andled - Quality
We are strongly committed to providing a quality service to our clients, which meets all their needs and expectations, in the protection of the environment, ensuring its conservation and non-contamination. Moreover, we are committed to a sustainable use of energy resources, as evidenced by the type of service we provide.

For this reason, we have decided to define our work methodology, setting it up in an Integrated Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards, which will also allow us to control the legislation and other requirements applicable to us, and to identify and evaluate the risks associated with our activity, to provide a suitable framework for identifying improvements that can continuously improve our management in the three areas applicable to the three rules of application, the establishment of objectives, for the achievement of these identified improvements, the identification and control of the environmental aspects applicable to our activity, and the general control of our work and satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties with our management.

The ISO 9001 Standard determines the requirements for a Quality Management System, which can be used for internal application by organisations for certification or contractual purposes.
The ISO 14001 standard expresses how to establish an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) to reduce environmental impacts and comply with environmental legislation.
The ISO 500001 Standard aims to maintain and improve an Energy Management System to achieve continuous improvement in energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and energy consumption with a systematic approach.
Andled - ISO 45001

The ISO 45001 Standard specifies the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System and provides guidelines for providing safe and healthy jobs, preventing occupational accidents and health problems, as well as proactively improving OSH.

Our system is therefore based on:

  • The Satisfaction of all our clients through the commitment of the entire organisation to meet their needs and requirements, and those of all stakeholders, as well as legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, to the environmental aspects defined, as well as those related to energy efficiency and energy use and consumption.
  • The Continuous Improvement of both the manufacturing processes and service delivery, as well as the efficiency of the Integrated Management System, in which the prevention of errors is a fundamental aspect, and allow a clear improvement of our performance, both with regards to general management and environmental and energy management.
  • To train and educate the organisation’s staff on environmental and energy performance, providing the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the management system and ensuring the protection of the environment and the prevention of environmental pollution, the efficient use of resources and energy saving.
  • Establish and regularly review objectives and targets, in line with the commitments made in this declaration. For the effective application of these principles, it is absolutely necessary that both the management team and the staff support them.
  • The identification and acquisition of only products and services (including possible associated designs/projects) that ensure the fulfilment of the commitments acquired in this declaration, allowing us to cover the needs and expectations of our clients, improve our management and operation, ensure the protection and prevention of environmental pollution, as well as improve the organisation’s efficiency and energy performance.

For the effective application of these principles, the support of both the management team and the entire staff of the company is absolutely necessary. Therefore, this Policy is disseminated to all staff and other interested parties for their knowledge and understanding.

ANDLED ENERGY S.L.  has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote research, technological development and innovation, and thanks to which it has implemented and certified the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for Sustainability, to support the creation and consolidation of innovative companies in 2019/2020. For this it has had the support of the InnoCámaras Program of the Málaga Chamber of Commerce.




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