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Light stimulation systems for plant growth

More and more sports clubs are choosing to improve the condition of their grass by using light-based growth stimulation systems, with the aim of achieving direct sporting and visual benefits, especially for television broadcasting.

Andled Energy, a Spanish light engineering company with more than a decade of experience in the sports field, in collaboration with the European multinational OSRAM-OS and the University of Alto Duero in Portugal (UTAD), has developed a new lighting system based on LED technology specifically dedicated to promoting plant growth – the Andled Progrow System.

This lighting system is installed exclusively by means of tailor-made projects, following a customised study that allows Andled to characterise adequately the environment and the conditions of the installations as well as the needs of the culture in aspects including climatology, altitude, or intensity and type of use, thus obtaining excellent results.

Andled Progrow - AfterAndled Progrow - After

Grass recovery after two weeks of treatment with Progrow

(Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium, CD Tenerife)

Benefits on growth and efficiency

Andled - ProgrowMore than 80% of the energy emitted is used for photosynthesis, compared to just 27% for HID lamps.

Andled - ProgrowSuperior and more uniform grass growth, with higher plant density and more and better leaves, as well as more plants, with more and better rooting..

Andled - Progrow

Reduction of the installed power by more than 50%, with a lower number of hours of use and the possibility of simultaneous use with the irrigation system or in adverse weather conditions..

Andled - ProgrowGreater light uniformity that allows a better overall result and a more homogeneous growth across the plant surface..

Andled Progrow - ProJector


Andled Progrow - ProJector


Model: Progrow 631 VSM/DH

Color Temperature: DeepBlue (DB) + HyperRed (HR)

PPF: 1.892 mmol/s

System Eficiency : 3,00 umol/s W

Opening angle: Radial

Andled Progrow - Spectrum